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Item Number:    80634
Description:    BULB CANDEL 4W CA11 (40W EQ) 2700K WARM WHITE 12/PG
List Price:    Call for price
Unit: PG
Color: Warm White
Lead Time: 2-3 Days

Extended Description
Sunlite LED Filament Vintage filament chandelier bulbs are extremely energy efficient and will greatly reduce your energy costs. These bulbs can last up to 15,000 hours making them virtually maintenance free. These tiny bulbs contain no mercury elements and do not release any hazardous gasses so there is no need to worry in case a bulb breaks and no need for any special recycling as with competing bulbs. With their high efficiency, Sunlite's Vintage chandelier squirrel bulbs low wattage usage does not mean you lose out on brightness. This 120 Volts, 4 watt 25W 40W Replacement, chandelier bulb features a candelabra (E12) base, which produces a comfortable 2700K warm white light at 400 lumens and can fit right into your highly retro stylized room, a modern backdrop, as well as any lighting design project. These lights have smooth dimming range, it should give you perfect ambiance light just like the original tungsten incandescent it replaces.

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